The iconic portion of our logo is not just pretty; it has meaning for us as well

Development ServicesWeb Sites, eCommerce Solutions, Online Stores, and Custom Software development, re-engineering and maintenance.

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Managed IT ServicesSystems Monitoring, Network Management, Help Desk, Data Backups, Disaster Recovery, Spam/Virus Protection, User Training

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ServicesElectronic Mailers, SEO/SEM, Digital and Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design, Brand Development, Logo Design & Development and Print Design.

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ServicesServer Colocation, Web Hosting, Database Hosting, Backups, DNS and Electronic Mail services in a state-of-the-art data center.

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Consulting ServicesAdvising companies with senior-level Technology Planning, Marketing Planning, Business Planning, Systems Audits and Security Reviews.

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Services: A Different View

Our business model through a revealing deconstruction of our logo

   Core Services

Development Services and Managed IT Services are at the core of what we do. If you saw one of us in an elevator and asked us what we do, we would say that "Outsource IT is Denver's best managed services provider and software development company." Ok, then we'd mention that we're full-service and also do marketing and design, but our foundation is being the IT department for small to medium sized businesses and developing software. Enough said. Besides, the elevator doors are already open.

   Support Services

Everyone needs a little support. These two areas—Marketing Services and Hosting Services—provide the support we need to develop software, support marketing efforts, and provide full-service IT services to our Managed IT Services and other clients. This extra layer of support is what differentiates us from the competition by giving us the depth to take complete care of new and on-going businesses with operations, infrastructure, marketing, training, and support needs.

The reward for us providing on-going services to our clients over long periods of time is that we very much feel part of their organizations as we help make sound technology decisions, help their employees get through each day, and solve—and prevent—problems so they can produce their products and services effectively. In fact, the reason there is a 'lean' in our logo is that this division does support our projects by helping us sense when our clients may need some extraordinary help from time to time.

   Tech Advisors

The basis for everything we do—really everything we are about—is helping our clients manage technology intelligently. We see ourselves as the bridge between the human world and the technology world. We are here to create and provide the tools and services our clients need to get the job done. In essence, we are the nerdy equivalent of the blacksmith that bangs out a shovel from raw iron and fire. Or the mercenary hired to fight where needed to win a battle. We accept responsibility for staying current with computer hardware and software technology so that we can enable our clients to plan and execute their business based on a proper understanding of what is technologically possible today and in the foreseeable future.


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